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Why History is Important

Here is a speech I did lat year as to why history is important.

Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. There have been people and events in history that have influenced us to this day. From as long ago as Alexander the Great to as recent as Ronald Reagan. From Hammurabi, who established the first code of laws, to Abraham Lincoln, 16th President and slavery abolisher. From the rise of the Roman Empire to the collapse of the USSR, these events and empires have built our world. But why learn about all these people and how they have contributed to history? Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why history is important is because it helps us learn from the past to build our future.


One way we must learn from history is the mistakes repeated multiple times during human events. Genocidal events such as war, have killed millions, if not billions, of humans, mostly events such as the World Wars and many crises in the world. For example, there are many people, that are called Rohingya, are forced to flee from Myanmar, a country whose prime minister has won a Noble Peace Prize and has done absolutely nothing to help them. Examples of events like these in history were the Arab-Israeli conflict and the mass genocide of World War II.


When we ignore history, we are merely repeating the mistakes of the past and preventing us from solving the problems that we face in the present, which can only lead to more suffering and more bloodshed in the present, as well as the future. How can we prevent this? Ladies and gentlemen, time waits for no one, so I encourage to learn about history and help save lives that are being mostly ignored by other people before it is too late.